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Voting 5 and 0, and why bother reading this?

2011-07-17 11:51:28 by Dj-Powerstorm

After recently looking at new audio tracks that are being released, I'm noticing a common occurance amongst them. Recently published only seconds ago, barely anyone has heard it, and yet they have one vote and their score is 5.00.

Suspicious much?

It makes me think as to why an artist must vote 5 on something they have made for the public? Do they doubt their own ability at producing likeable music, or do they feel the need to do exceedingly well with each track they release?

Not that this actually matters, but to me it is quite the conundrum.

Futhermore, I don't understand why new music must automatically be voted 0 as well. Brand new, just like before, one vote and the score is 0.00. More unanswerable questions come to light, such as why people feel the need to slander anything new. Surely music cannot be so terrible that it deserves an impuslive 0?

My theory is that people don't want the rivalry, or that they can't bear being nice to others. Funny, how Newgrounds slogan is Everything, By Everyone.

To me, it's Everything By the Select (and Lucky) Few.

Only those who are amazingly good have a chance of being noticed, much like this post will never be read by the majority. But I would like those that do decide to read this not to take in a negative light, but more as a point of interest.

We see big names such as Sexual-Lobster (who is fantastic) or Paragon-X9 (also fantastic btw) who can get wide praise for their works of art, yet there are more unnoticed and forgotten artists, possibly such as myself who don't even get a second glance. Hats of to them, superb work, whilst the majority of us simply stand back and aspire to become just as big.

The only way to become just as big by the way, is only if you're incredibly well liked and good at what you do. Otherwise, you don't have much of a chance.

So for those that are reading this, it would be greatly appreciated if you could mention this to fellow Newgrounders, and next time you decide to vote, make sure the vote is warranted, and not just being out of spite or just because you like them.


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